Give water. Give life.


The Samburu Project was founded on the promise of delivering access to clean water.  Along the way, we discovered that water does so much more than we imagined. With clean water, families grow their own food, girls go to school, and women empower themselves through small businesses.  Water helps communities grow, learn and thrive. 


Give Hope - Dignity is a universal birthright and so is access to clean water.  Dignity is infringed upon when a young girl cannot go to school because she is unable to shower.  Dignity is infringed upon when a mother has to forego an income or time with her family to walk miles to collect water. By giving people their dignity, we restore their hope for a better future. 

Provide a Foundation - Access to clean water provides the foundation for a community to thrive.  It also connects citizens throughout the world to the Samburu people.  This foundation would crumble without the support and strength of our community.  By building and connecting this community, we strengthen our foundation thereby enabling more people to live their best life. We believe community and strength in numbers is a catalyst for change. 

Take Action - Taking action means listening first and offering solutions second.  These solutions are tangible and our action is real.  We see how action impacts the Samburu people every day. And because we can see and measure our action, we keep going and strive to do more. 

Inspire - We seek to inspire our community by creating joyful moments that nurture, grow and make communities stronger.  We are committed to what we say and we'll do, after all our actions are stronger than our words as our greatest motivator. 

Forge Connections -  Acknowledging the one world we all share, TSP strives to connect our donors with the beautiful Samburu people they are supporting and provide a unique, enriching, life-altering experience for all.  


WATER is health, education, community, empowerment, dignity, hope, LIFE.