Due to the availability of water, agricultural initiatives for this Pastoralist community are now possible. Family and community farms offer food security, dietary diversity and income generation. 



One of the most successful of these initiatives is the Milimani Farm in Samburu East's Wamba Division. In 2010, with funding from the M. Night Shyamalan Foundation, we expanded upon our support of the Milimani Farm by installing a submersible pump and generator to complete a drip irrigation system. This agricultural project has increased collective community income by $100,000 through the sale of excess produce in time and at local markets. Dietary diversity of the local community residents has also increased significantly due to the introduction of fruits and vegetables in a community where typically only animal byproducts, maize and suger-laden tea are consumed. The Milimani Farm serves as a model to other water well communities for maximizing the benefits of their wells to improve the long-term livelihood and health of their members.



Working with Amiran Kenya in 2013, the Lolgerdad Well community acquired a greenhouse. Farming education was provided and now vegetables such as kale, spinach, onions, potatoes and tomatoes contribute to food diversity and food security for this well community.