Pastoralist Child Foundation

TSP collaborates with the Pastoralist Child Foundation (PCF) on facilitation of Women's Empowerment Workshops, giving women in TSP well communities information on; Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Education, Women's Rights, HIV/AIDS Awareness & Prevention, and Anti FGM within the Samburu Communities. 

Speakers include; Samuel Leadismo, Director of PCF, Christine Namunyak, Village Administrator for Archer's Post, Julius Leorto, MD, and Elizabeth Lemoyog, PCF Community Mobilizer.  

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EOD Vets Partnership Supporting Mama Wachira's Children's Home in Archer's Post

TSP is teaming up with Chris Taylor and Jason Souza and the EOD Vets Partnership to support Mama Wachira's Children's Home in Archer's Post.  Since early 2017, the EOD Vets Partnership has purchased chickens and goats to put the school on the right path to sustainable food sources.  Currently, we have a goal to build a new building to increase the capacity of children that Mama Wachira can serve. 

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Give a Child Life Kenya

TSP is collaborating with GACLK on a pilot program to introduce door-step gardens in 25 TSP well communities.  With the availability of clean water, home gardening will prove to be an additional and sustainable food source and introduce more vegetables into the Samburu diet. 

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