With access to water, the number of girls going to school triples!

As their time looking for water is drastically reduced from six hours to thirty minutes. It is common for girls to not attend school as they are expected to join their mothers in this quest for water. The number of girls attending primary school in our well communities has tripled since our inception.  Mothers now have time to begin nurseries for the young children in the community.  Not only have more children been able to go to school, the students’ studies have improved as they now have more time to focus on their education.  With a water source that is clean, safe and nearby, teachers now have time to thoroughly cover curriculum.  They no longer concern themselves with getting water before and after school and instead use their time to look over lessons and prepare for the next day’s class, all leading to more effective teaching.


TSP drilled a borehole for the Sere Olipi Primary School in 2011. Subsequently, the school embarked on a project with the World Food Program to expand the TSP well to include a series of piping that delivers water directly to the school, a neighboring health clinic and a community kiosk.  It is one of the most successful TSP projects to date and an outstanding example of the many benefits that clean water will deliver to a community.  

The 500 children who attend the school enjoy clean bathrooms, showers, and hand-washing stations around the campus. The student Environmental Club tends a thriving kitchen garden that produces corn, kale, carrots, potatoes and other vegetables.  A second garden was planted to utilize the run-off from a hand-washing station. 

Kiosk for the Community

The second water delivery point is the community kiosk, located at the perimeter of the Sere Olipi Primary School.  It delivers water to anyone in the community who is in need of water.  

There are 5 boreholes in Sere Olipi and the TSP borehole is the only one that provides clean water. It provides water points to a school, 2 gardens, a health clinic and an community. Headmaster, Ambrose Lekoitip speculated this well is the most successful water project in the history of TSP.  We would have to agree. 



At Lbaa lo Ltepes 1 / Remot 2 Well, when asked how this well has changed their daily life, Yapais Lesamana said the following statement," this well gave birth to this nursery."  Because of this well, the community was able to form their own nursery which is attended by 110 small children.  These boys and girls no longer have to stay at home all day, hungrily waiting for their mothers to come back from a long days search for water to take care of them. The impact on education is immediately felt upon the realization of available water.