In my entire life I have come to realize that a living thing cannot survive without water. Before water was brought to our school and community we were undergoing many challenges; people were dying of diseases, we were walking so far to look for water, we were chased by hyienas, elephants and lions. My younger brother passed away because of drinking dirty water. Nowadays, we are very lucky because The Samburu Project brought water to our school and community. Our challenges have now decreased, we are clean, our school is clean, our performance is going up, many students are returning to school, and our parents are very lucky because they do not have to walk so far to quench their thirst and the animals are healthy. We now shine like stars.  We are very grateful to the donors of The Samburu Project. 

--Pauline Kangai Immaculte (15 years old), Student of Sere-Olipi Primary School


On behalf of the entire Sere-Olipi Primary School community, I take this opportunity to convey heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the TSP to have donated the only fresh water borehole in the community.  This water project has boosted good health, improved the the school's enrollment, and increased the mental retention of the students.  Through this project, the donors and officers of TSP have demonstrated how much you care for these vulnerable children.  Thank you so much for your support.

--Ambrose Lekoitip, Headmaster, Sere-Olipi Primary School  


We stopped to watch a woman named Evelyn pump water from a well that The Samburu Project installed the previous year. She came up to thank us and said, 'It is the first time in my life I have been able to wear clean clothes during the dry season.  Before, I could not spare drinking water to wash.  You have given me my dignity'.  (Dry Season lasts between 5-7 months)  

--Rudi Dundas, Photographer


I went to Samburu to complete an assessment of the villagers who are benefiting from the wells and evaluate any other opportunities. This hands on, real time experience was a highlight of my life and brought the mission of The Samburu Project front and center for me.

-- Mike Rossi, Board Member Emeritus


The power of this journey took hold as we began on a small plane traveling to Samburu. When flying over the mountains north of Nairobi, the landscape changes dramatically from lush green fields to a red dry clay like earth with bristly trees and muddy rivers.  Immediately it becomes apparent of the dry, unforgiving conditions the Samburu people endure.  With Executive Director, Linda Hooper and Project Manager Eric Lekolii as our guides, my daughter and I spent the next few days being introduced to life in Samburu. We had the privilege of visiting the several of the TSP well villages and a school. Most importantly, we met the incredible people of Samburu. It was a moving experience to visit wells for which our TSP donors and communities here in America have worked so hard to raise money for. I did not realize this experience would have such a powerful impact on me. 

To see these wells first hand was truly beautiful. To see the local villagers lining up with their friends, their children their community, all patiently waiting with their big yellow jerry can - an experience I will never forget. The people rely so greatly on what we have done for them. Their lives literally revolve around these wells, of course out of survival but also as a social gathering place. Everyone chats, their children play while they spend time together, as they patiently wait their turn for water. I was also touched by their gratitude. They knew who we were and why we had come to see the wells, it was incredibly powerful to meet these people and understand how we are changing their lives by providing the most basic human necessity - clean water.

--Doretta Bonner, TSP Board Member