• We don't choose communities. Communities choose us. Community representatives apply to TSP for a well and are vetted through an application process.

  • Community leaders collaborate with our team on the ground to make decisions at the grassroots level.

  • We construct wells that are easily maintained and sustained by local communities.

  • Every TSP well community attends mandatory hygiene and sanitation classes.


  • We work with local hydro-geologists to determine potential water well viability. Extensive reports are completed for each potential well site. They include; studies of the geographical location, regional geography, project area, rainfall and climate, current land use, surface water resources, ground water, aquifer properties and approximate water demands. All geological, geophysical and hydrogeological data on the area is collected. After all available data is collected, fieldwork is conducted.  

  • Fieldwork includes observations of general topography, drainage, geological set up and geological investigation. The Vertical Electrical Sounding measurements are carried out with an ABEM Tarrameter 100 Resistivity instrument.
  • Based on the findings, an analysis is made to assess groundwater potential for the project area and a suitable well site is determined and identified for the driller.


  • After the site is identified, a drilling contractor is hired to execute well drilling. 

  • The drilling rig is put into place by a team of approximately 6 men. Once the drill is centered and leveled, drilling commences and can take up to seven days.  Once water is struck (usually at approximately 70 meters), the well is properly developed, gravel packed and sealed to avoid any contamination from shallow aquifers.

  • Water samples are taken for physical, chemical and bacteriological analysis. 

  • A concrete slab is constructed and a hand pump is installed. 

  • We construct wells that are easily maintained and sustained by the local communities. Our team works directly with the Samburu community to ensure long-term sustainability of each well.

  • Well sites are regularly inspected and documented by our team on the ground. 

  • The Samburu Project's team on the ground oversees the entire process from start to finish.


  • Since 2005, TSP has lost only three wells to natural disasters.  All other wells continue to serve their communities in good working order.