The Samburu Project was founded on the promise of delivering access to clean water. Along the way, we discovered that water does so much more than we imagined.  With clean water, families grow their own food, girls go to school and women empower themselves through small businesses.  

Clean water helps communities grow, learn and thrive. 

The People

A nomadic, pastoral community, the Samburu women and girls walk up to 12 miles or 6 hours every day in search of water.

Why Water?

Walking for water keeps women and girls uneducated and in a perpetual state of poverty and because water borne illnesss is the number one killer in Samburu.

Our Impact

We've drilled 100 wells, bringing water to over 100,000 people.  In our well communities education for girls has tripled and diarrhea is almost a thing of the past.

Since 2005, THE SAMBURU PROJECT has been providing easy access to clean, safe drinking water as a foundation for development to communities in Samburu, Kenya.

To date TSp has drilled 100 wells in Samburu county.